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Energy   Savings   without   Costs  to  your  Business

What  Paradise  Energy  Consultants  Can Do  For  Your  Business

 1. Free comprehensive utility analysis – Paradise Energy Consultants will perform an analysis that will determine if opportunities exist to reduce the energy costs of your business.

 2. Permanently transfer savings to your business – Once a reduction in cost has been identified and implemented, the savings are then permanently vested with your business.

About Paradise Energy Consultants

  • Paradise Energy specializes in reducing utility costs.
  • Performs analysis of current utility costs without a fee.
  • Requires a short meeting (15 minutes) to explain the program.
  • Will provide real savings projections in dollars.
  • Is only compensated after savings are generated.
  • Will continue to service your golf properties at no additional cost.

Paradise Energy Consultants 

Pete Laughlin

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